Beyachad (Together) for Petach Tikva City Council

Beyachad (Together) for Petach Tikva City Council

We are Beyachad for the Petach Tikva City Council – secular and religious, veterans and immigrants, youth and seniors, men and women, Sephardim and Ashkenazim, residents of the city. Over the years, we have learned how to build a model of living together in mutual respect and preserving the uniqueness and difference of each person. Unity and not uniformity. We live in new and old neighborhoods, and also in the city center. Every neighborhood and every resident in the city is important to us.

Our children learn, grow up and receive their education here in kindergartens, schools of public education, state religious schools as well as in the university extension of the City College. In the afternoons, they visit the parks, frolic in the sandbox and exercise at the Sportan fitness center and pool. We are you, neighbors.

We have gathered experience through meaningful and widely encompassing public action in the framework of cooperative volunteer work of the Arvut movement – a social-educational movement, whose purpose is to raise the value of mutual responsibility in the Israeli society. At the time, the Arvut movement was established by the Kabbalah L’Am organization, in which some of the Beyachad members are active; however the Arvut movement rapidly became a separate non-profit organization, whose members are tens of thousands of activists throughout Israel. After years of public experience on the national scene, we decided to do something for our city, Petach Tikva.

Until now, we have acted without entering politics. After much consultation, we realized that true change can only be obtained from within, through entry into the circle of decision makers in the city. So here we are – for you and at your service. Our goal is to be your representatives in the municipality. We intend to fight for you, for we are certain that the residents of Petach Tikva deserve to be proud of their city and merit the materialization of their rosy dreams.


We bring rich public experience in many areas:

  • In recent years we have been pioneers in public participation with local authorities
  • We have proven experience in the areas of formal and informal education
  • We have experience in the areas of welfare and leisure culture
  • We have attained unprecedented achievements in the treatment of immigrants and veterans
  • We are experienced in developing evening activities and frameworks for young adults, teenagers and children
  • We have accumulated much experience in working with the elderly and in building a work program for the retiree population.

We have done all that, up until now, without entering politics. Whenever the word “politics” came up, we winced. We are not politicians, and do not want to be, either. We are social and practical educators, people who come from the world of business and the area of organizational consultation. We are all residents of Petach Tikva, good citizens who have been active, and who have succeeded.


Unlike other factions, we do not intend to promise the mountains and valleys so you will vote for us and then disregard you. Instead of talking and making promises, we are already active. And we do a great deal. Our work is on-going in various places throughout the country, even as you read these lines. We would like to continue operating for the benefit of our own city, too, for the time has come for Petach Tikva to also wake up to a better reality.

Beyachad (Together) – We’ll Make a New Petach Tikva.

What the Mayoral Candidates Think of Beyachad

“The folks at Beyachad come with a vision of tolerance and high moral values. They are pushing for a new way of running the city. I treat every resident and every partner as equal, and I have discovered that in that, I have much in common with the friends at Beyachad.”

Uri Ohad, Mayor of Petach Tikva

“I will welcome the people of Beyachad, as well as anyone who comes to the city council ‘to work,’ whose slate is clean, and who strives to advance such essential issues as education and culture. As mayor, I will gladly and fully cooperate with such partners.”

Itzik Braverman

“I welcome collaboration with the members of the Beyachad party; it is the right way to join hands in promoting key issues.”

Dani Swissa

“I will gladly collaborate with the members of the Beyachad party, which I have no doubt strive to genuinely promote education and culture in the city.”

Rami Greenberg